Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank you Devyn Dawson

It's official; I was blind and now I see! Thanks to several hours of research and author Devyn Dawson.
I should have known, with so many creative minds in this world there was bound to be more to writing than poring your thoughts out on paper for everyone to see.
When I began this journey, I was excepting to cross my fingers and toes waiting... hoping for an editor to give me the deal of a lifetime or rob me blind. Regardless after putting so many hours into this book I had to try, no matter what the odds.
So as you can imagine, I felt a little wet behind the ears when Devyn asked me "are you going to query or indie publish your book?" and I had to ask what that meant! She opened my eyes to a whole new world of indie publishing. I spent the entire day yesterday browsing the internet for more information (soaking it up like a sponge.) Is it possible to feel accomplished as a writer doing it all yourself? I will have to change my perception, put aside everything I have learned about the give and take of getting published and step out of the box but, I'm about to find out!

I always appreciate new information; good, bad or indifferent if it expands my world, I'm packing a suitcase and taking notes along the way! I truly appreciate getting the inside scoop from my new colleague Devyn, and look forward to reading her book The Legacy of Kilkenny from her Legacy series; NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE at Amazon, Barns & Noble & Smashwords! Be sure to take a look at her sites for more information--> &

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  1. Awe - Thank you. It is a long journey but one that can be rewarding (and exhausting) - best of luck!