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I do not claim to be an award winning, know-it-all writer. I do however, aspire to be a worthwhile storyteller. The rest will just have to fall into place.

I started this adventure in 2009 after being tormented by a series of bad dreams. No matter what I tried, the only way to ease my mind was to get the ideals out of my head.  Unfortunately, journaling opened my psyche to even more mayhem. Each chapter of my first book has been  re-written several times over. I have completed it 3 times, but when I read it; I know something is missing. 

Thinking about it more and more brought forward the next level of dreams. They were more unreal; more surreal than I could have ever imagined.  My head was filled with conflicting idea's, my heart was broken watching my life slip between the pages, my since of logic could not differentiate between the real world and the world around me. I tried to put it down but, it haunted me. I know it is something I have to finish before it can be lifted off my shoulders. 

Each image lead me to a new idea, which sent me down a different path; I currently have 5 books in progress. Three are part of a paranormal series gone crazy, one that is a little more true to life than I would like to admit and one murder mystery that I may never let out of it's box. 

 By some miracle, I hope to have my first book published within the next few months. It may not be worth reading but, the stories within are defiantly worth being told.

Ann Wise -

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